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The Eternal Rose for Endless Love!

To express infinite love to the person who shares your life or to all the people you love, nothing better than our eternal roses!

Eternal Rose The Shop

Colors & Meanings of the Eternal Rose

-. The Eternal Red Rose : Symbol of love. Ideal when you are ready to commit. To discover all our red roses click here

- The Eternal White Rose : Expresses innocence and purity, often used by the bride and groom. Discover all our white roses click here

-The Eternal Pink Roses: Represents femininity. Including elegance and softness. To discover all our pink roses click here

-The Eternal Yellow Rose : Represents friendship, joy and caring. Perfect for a close friend. To discover all our yellow roses click here

-The Blue Eternal Rose : Most often represents the impossible, the mystery. To discover all our blue roses click here

-The Multicolored Eternal Rose : Ideal for conveying a message, it often has a personal meaning. To discover all our multicolored roses as well as the one on the presentation image click here

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Handmade & Natural Eternal Rose

Our site has two different ranges of roses. They are handcrafted by skilled technicians.

Natural Eternal Roses: These are frozen thanks to our process! So they keep their freshness and shine forever! To discover our range of natural roses click here

Artificial Eternal Roses : These are so detailed that they seem real. They are artificial, but that does not detract from their beauty To discover our range of artificial roses click here

Eternal Rose The Shop

Our Eternal Rose in Video

Click here to see all our videos and discover our Eternal Roses in all their aspects