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How to preserve an Eternal Rose?

How to preserve an Eternal Rose?

A eternal rose peut being Natural or artificial. For eternal roses all natural she undergoes a process unique allowing to keep it as it is for several years ! Thanks to this the eternal roses have an almost infinite lifespan like your love 
How to preserve a rose?
La keeping a rose request many steps and process in order to keep the original shape and beauty of the rose, all in extending its longevity ! The first step is to select the best flower species at the right time. Then you will have to follow a process of rehydration where the rose is immersed in dand glycerin and others herbal solutions. The process of dyeing roses with different colors is the last step. The preserved roses can then be prepared and decorated into beautiful flower arrangements and special gift items where everyone will be delighted, young and old alike! In effect, the eternal roses are an ingenious and magnificent gift idea to offer or simply to prove your eternal love to the people you love
Here is one of our most beloved eternal roses:
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