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The History of Valentine's Day

The History of Valentine's Day

The story of Valentine's Day
What is Valentine's Day and where does it come from?
Every year on February 14, everyone celebrates this day by sending love messages to each other. Couples send previously personalized cards or flowers.
Valentine's Day as we know it seems to come from lupercalia. It was a feast celebrated every year in Rome between February 13 and 15. It was for them the occasion of a ritual of expiation of the faults committed against the gods. We clean the houses from top to bottom and put salt and wheat on the floor of the whole house.
How Valentine's Day Developed.
This celebration did not begin following the execution of the priest Valentin. It was only 200 years after February 14 to be proclaimed Valentine's Day.
The poet (Chaucer) of the Middle Ages was the first man to associate Valentine's Day with sincere love. Cella was the beginning of the tradition of love, a ritual showing love and admiration. Most often in secret.
This habit has happened in Europe and stories have come about of a high court where female judges ask themselves questions related to love on February 14 every year.
Symbol of Valentine's Day?
This custom of sending personalized messages or cards came about so that people could express their affections
These cards were beautiful, they were handmade and contained cupids, hearts, flowers and filled with lace and ribbon. They were individually designed to express their love.
These cards we can little give way to the gift that we know today. Like jewelry or eternal roses.
But young girls and boys remain very attached to this tradition.
Valentine's Day in our time?
Valentine's Day is most often linked to love.
Valentine's Day is celebrated in almost all countries, different cultures have appropriated their own traditions for this holiday.
In some countries, Valentine's Day is a tradition that aims to demonstrate the love and affection we have for our family, while in the West this tradition is more for couples in love.
However, there are also countries where this day is about dropping lollipops and gifts for children and helping close friends.
Every year millions of romantic cards are distributed, Valentine's Day is most often associated with the red rose accompanied by a small card expressing the feelings of the person.
February 14 is generally spent as a couple over a good dinner at a restaurant, a picnic or simply a meal at home.
Some couple offer themselves a stay in another country, in a hotel to spend an unforgettable moment.
The marriage proposal is often made on this day, because it is the ideal day to express one's love and commitment. Whichever method you decide to choose, Valentine's Day proposals are memorable and filled with love.
Nowadays this party is talked about, some see this tradition rather as a commercial party and more a special day for lovers
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