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The Different Shapes of Roses

The Different Shapes of Roses

Roses have an amazing variety of shapes and sizes that can be used to complement any style of gardening. Few flowers can match the rose for an effect of love and tenderness.
These flowers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and scents. Here are some brief descriptions of some flower forms.
Nested form 
The petals, very numerous, are slightly rolled up towards the outside. Like roof tiles. The Roses 'Thigh of a nymph moved' have this very full shape.
Globular Form
These Roses have an almost perfectly Round shape. The outer petals which are very long and concave cover the inner petals.
Quarter Shape
These Roses seem divided into several sectors in which its petals tighten more and more against each other in the same direction. 
flat shape
The surface of the roses is flat. The larger petals are superimposed, which gives a flaky appearance to the flower.
Turbinate Form
It is the form specific to modern roses currently the most cultivated in the world.
 Sectional shape
The rose has the shape of a cup. The outer petals are concave at the bottom and turned outward at the top. Some roses show their stamens.
 Finbriated form
These Roses have petals that are finely cut on the outer rim.
peony shape
These Roses have a very full shape.
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