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Meaning of the White Rose?

Meaning of the White Rose?

You are probably wondering what rose to offer, what colors, is the white color appropriate for the things you want to express to your neighbor?
We know the White Rose today thanks to many legend and history around this white rose. 
Si the best known of roses is the red rose, la White Rose has nothing to envy of this one, because its history and these meanings place it in the forefront. The Greeks considered the white rose as a symbol of purity. According to the story, the red rose would have appeared thanks to a white flower. In Roman times the goddess venus rushed to help his man. While she ran she pricked herself with a thorn from a white rose. A drop of blood fell on the petals flowers what made appear the red rose. In another story, Cupid, the god of love, would have spilled a drop of his wine on a white flower, more precisely a white rose. Since then the red rose has become the flower of love known today.
What does the white rose mean?
The white rose is also called Rose Alba 
White Roses often represent purity, innocence as well as the youth, but it also symbolizes the goodness.
If you want to express and make people feel your deepest feelings. Be it in a way friendly or in love, the white rose will be perfect
At the beginning of a relationship, offering white roses means that you want your partner or your friend to accompany you to write a long journey with you. 
The white rose is also synonymous with peace, you can choose it to apologize to someone you care about.
White roses are often called bridal roses The white rose also means a new start, which is why we often see them in the marriages.
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