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Meanings of Multicolored Roses?

Meanings of Multicolored Roses?

The Eternal Rose, As its name suggests, it is a flower that does not will not fade. It has been processed according to processes to resist time.
 It is a single flower that has been immersed in a glycerine solution. This guarantees him a life of at least 3 to 7 years.
The eternal rose has like the natural rose several colors. Like red, white, yellow is full of other colors as beautiful as the others, but with so many different meanings.
So he is an essential to know each meaning before offering a rose.

The Eternal Rose , is a mix of several colors, it can express affection that you wear to someone. She can also express a wish for the person of your choice. Kind of like a shooting star.
When someone close to you has to face a new stage in his life, give her roses multicolored to give him back his smile and his strength. He will understand for sure that you are there to give him hope and do everything to achieve these dreams. So that his life shines with a thousand lights. That his life be as radiant and multicolored as this eternal flower. 
If one of your relatives or acquaintances comes to develop, You can offer a multicolored eternal rose for your wishes of happiness.
It will be a memory immortal from you.
Most generally we offer a gift at some point, but the multicolored rose can be offered at any time. 
Yes, the eternal rose is a decoration object. Under a bell, under a dome, in a box, this flower will add an extra touch of beauty to a bedroom. Its multicolored color is perfect to fit into any type of interior.
She therefore demonstrates a perfect gift to do to people important to you. A multi-colored eternal rose will give you a good mood even on rainy days. It is a beautiful weapon to make a loved one smile.
 How to maintain the multicolored rose?
To preserve an eternal rose so that it is as the first day. He ... not don't water it with water like traditional flowers, leave it in a dry place and sheltered from the sun which will allow him to keep its freshness from the first day. Sometimes use products that you can spray on to add shine and shine.
This is our flagship product, this eternal rose under a bell will enchant each person receiving it and will be directly what you wanted to say to them. So don't wait any longer to get this eternal rose.
Click here to discover our multicolored eternal roses under a bell jar as well as all the variants of Roses in Rose colors.
Depending on the variant choose your eternal rose it can be accompanied by our LEDs which will captivate the person receiving it. Or if you want you can also opt for a little rabbit, Queen  in the color of your choice.
If the green color doesn't fit, don't worry. We have made available several blogs on the meanings of colors.

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