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Meanings of the Black Rose?

Meanings of the Black Rose?

La black Rose, a unique rose so mysterious and obsessive. This rose shows endless beauty with its color straight out of a dream. She is often associated with death or mourning.
The black rose is seen as a bad flower which does not bode well it may surprise the person to whom you offer it, but further in its meaning, we realize that it can provide positive things. The black rose is as much a symbol love, friendship, But also of mourning than the red rose that we all know.
Do these black roses really exist?
No the real ones black roses don't really exist with one exception. She's not naturally black, most often you can confuse the roses dark red or burgundy, because according to daylight, we can see it black.  La only way to get a black rose. It's from take black ink and put a few drops on your rose petals.
However, there are a variety of true black rose which is located southeast of a small village in Turkey. This rose was named "Siyah Gul" or also “Lord of the roses” This flower is unique in the world.
 As most often each eternal rose has many meanings for each color, but what about the black rose?
This black rose is as mysterious as it is elegant.
This rose is often associated the recent loss of a loved one. It can also mean elegance and distinction thanks to its unique black color that will bring out your good taste.
The color of this rose mainly means that your relationship is stable and that you are happy to share the moments lived with this person.
She wants to convey a need of innovation so as not to fall into a routine so as not to lose the flame of the beginning.
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