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Meanings of the Green Rose?

Meanings of the Green Rose?

Small summary on this green rose.
The first rose discovered was not like the one we know today. This sheet would have been modified by natural mutation. The first time we saw him was in the 1743s.
She named herself "Rosa chinensis viridiflora"
There are several variations of this green rose:
Here are some variations of these beautiful roses.
        The Amandine rose:
        Limbo rose:
        The green tea rose:
It is possible that these flowers are very hard to get given their rarity.
Their meanings & when to give these green roses.
The main green rose meaning is the hope. It is often associated with the youth, harmony as well as the concept of life. More particularly the constant rejuvenation of the spirit.
It can also be assimilated balance between body and mind. constant rejuvenation of spirit and fertility. It brings great serenity to the person receiving it.
 She can also celebrate renewal in your life or celebrate a new romantic relationship
The last little dot on this rose, is that it can symbolize wealth and abundance. This flower is just perfect gift for someone who made a new start in life !
It is used for the decorations of weddings, baptisms. It can also have its place in a business dinner or as a reception office decoration. 
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