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Multicolored Eternal Rose


Meaning Multicolored Eternal Rose?

The Eternal Rose , is a mix of several colors, it can express affection that you wear to someone. She can also express a wish for the person of your choice. Kind of like a shooting star.
When someone close to you has to face a new stage in his life, offer him Roses multicolored to give him back his smile and his strength. He

Ideal for Sending a message and can have personal meaning. Each color for an eternal rose has a meaning! Which of these eternal rose will you choose? 

How to maintain an eternal rose?

To preserve an eternal rose so that it is as the first day. You don't have to water it with water like traditional flowers, leave it in un dry place and sheltered from the sun which will allow him to keep its freshness from the first day. Sometimes use products that you can spray on to add shine and shine.

Discover our bear in Multicolored Rose!


Here is a video for more detail on the multicolored eternal rose!